“The color of money is green”

How a common dismissal of racism actually points to its persistence

A New York Times piece about racial bias at Amazon got me thinking about one of the most common misunderstandings that smart White people have about racism.

“Come on man, Bezos didn’t start the company to do racism, he’s trying to make money and innovate in a hurry. They need smart people constantly — why would they deny promotions to qualified Black and Latin people?”

Of course, this theory is partially right. There’s a lot that it correctly understands about the importance of competence in overriding racial prejudice. In the past few generations, plenty of racist White people who would have preferred a White doctor or lawyer or teacher, ended up choosing a Black doctor or lawyer or teacher because they were simply too excellent at their profession to deny.

Independent programmer, chatterbox. http://techno-social.com

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