Shaun, those of us who follow your work long term have no doubt about your hard work, your clear and consistent ethics, your honesty, and the importance to you of giving credit where credit is due.

No one could possibly do what you do for mercenary reasons — they wouldn’t have 1/10 your patience, persistence, or passion, and they’d quickly find another gig.

I’ve read tens of thousands of words of your work for the better part of a decade, and I’ve never seen you grandstand, insert yourself into someone else’s story, or mislead readers.

Do I agree with absolutely every last thing you’ve ever said? Of course not. Have I learned from you, been prompted to change, and been prompted to take action? Yes, immensely.

This sort of undermining is an unfortunate part of being effective; and I know it hurts you, despite your knowing it’s false, because of how I have come to know you through your writing. It says something profound about your character that readers who know your work know that you will never completely close the door on someone who is slandering you — you will take their call, you will read their criticisms, even when others think it’s nothing but a distracting waste of time.

You are incredibly good at what you do, and what that is is stand up for whatever stands in the way of the promise of equality and justice in America. Keep up the good work, and keep holding all of our feet to the fire.

Independent programmer, chatterbox.

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